Aug 05

Jonah Brucker-Cohen

Workshop Video ReCap

Overall Recap Video from the Month!

Aug 05

Jonah Brucker-Cohen

Final Presentations!

Here’s some video footage of the final presentations from the class!

Jul 26

Jonah Brucker-Cohen

Hacking on Final Projects

Some images from today’s workshop!





Jul 24

Jonah Brucker-Cohen

Chalk Walk!

Here are some photos from the Chalk Walk we did today!

A Chalk Walk is a provocation in public space that highlights hidden spaces, objects, locations, or social cues. Walk around the block, draw these on the sidewalk, take a photo, and post it
to the blog.

Jul 19

Jonah Brucker-Cohen

Circuit Bending Day!

Here are some photos and videos from our circuit bending activity.

Jul 17

Jonah Brucker-Cohen

Building Contact Microphones

Today we built contact microphones using piezio-electric transducers, headphone jacks, and Plasti-Dip to seal them up once soldered together!

Jul 13

Jonah Brucker-Cohen

Drawbots Everywhere!

Photos and video of Drawbots from the workshop!


Jul 11

Isaac Atif

Junk hunt! (Junk I saw on my way home)

Here’s my map!: IMG_1699 IMG_1691
IMG_1687 IMG_1686 IMG_1684 IMG_1683 IMG_1682 IMG_1681 IMG_1680

Jul 10

Jonah Brucker-Cohen

Video and Photos from Day 1

Some video I put together from the 1st day of hacking printers at Digital Day Camp, Eyebeam, 2013

And some photos:

Jul 03

Jonah Brucker-Cohen

Class Starting July 9th!

Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 12.50.18 PM

This is the class blog for Scrapyard Challenge @ Digital Day Camp at Eyebeam Center for Art and Technology!

This 4 week course examines the practice of recycling and sound production through  exploration and hacking of found materials and junk. As the world’s landfills swarm with millions of tons of discarded electronics, the examination of the critical and creative use of recycled materials becomes ever more important. The Scrapyard Challenge summer program is a subset of the Scrapyard Challenge workshops that have been conducted 58 times around the world since 2003 in 14 countries, on 5 continents. This class examines interventions in planned obsolescence through sustainable technological practice and will tackle the issues of recycling, art making, and sustainability.

Students will explore new ways of working with trash and recycled electronics and other materials to create new work and present projects such as digital musical instruments and recycled artworks. They will collaboratively introduce each other to methods of recycling digital materials for creative exploration and produce art projects made from found or rescued waste. The Scrapyard Challenge  course provides an exciting opportunity to learn and develop frameworks for communities and individuals working with issues of sustainability and waste reduction.

There are four major overlapping themes we will work with throughout the month and their intersection with recycling, re-use, and sustainability. The class will culminate on August 1st with an in-class final presentation and jam session.



Low Technology – the opposite of high technology. simple, or seemingly non-technological solutions, or working with outdated technologies.
Dead Technology – things that no longer “work”, or are quickly being put out of use. Quite of bit of “dead” tech is available in the streets and in the junkyard. How do we bring it back to life?
Lost Technology – things we are losing because of technology – the emotional, social, and psychological dimensions of what is discarded and “lost.”
Found Technology – things we “find” when working with what is low, dead, and lost. New “discoveries” amongst what was previously regarded as worthless.